Butler Blue III shut out of PNC Arena during NCAA Tournament

Image courtesy of @ButlerBlue3.
Image courtesy of @ButlerBlue3.

Well over 450 media credentials were handed out along with thousands of fans, players and coaches allowed into PNC Arena for the NCAA Tournament. Unfortunately, no live mascots were permitted by the NCAA — including the beloved Butler Blue III.

PNC Arena made sure to let fans know they want Butler Blue III in the stadium, but the NCAA put the kibosh on that possibility.

Not only were the Butler faithful deprived of his greatness, but the Raleigh crowd also missed out on the self-described, “Man’s best friend, America’s best hope.”

While it was far from a normal day for Butler Blue, the passionate pup stayed hard at work. He also clearly doesn’t hold a grudge against the fantastic staff at PNC Arena despite the snub.

The bulldog was shut out from the arena, but made his presence felt around the outside portion of PNC. Inside, Butler pulled out a huge win, 71-61, over Texas Tech to advance.

Hopefully the rules will change for the Third Round games and Blue’s slobber will grace the Raleigh court. For now, we’ll have to enjoy him from the doghouse of PNC Arena.

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