LOOK: UNC band drops it low in NCAA Tournament dance-off at PNC Arena

You just can’t teach size, and that’s what North Carolina has. Sure, the men’s basketball team has it, but one UNC band member showed size means nothing when it comes to dropping it low during halftime between UNC and Providence.

Let’s be honest, the butt smack sold it.

On the court, the Tar Heels used the halftime mojo to romp the Friars by a final score of 85-66. We’re not entirely sure if UNC saw footage of the dance-off in the locker room, but it was clearly a different Heels squad in the final 20 minutes.

Moving forward, let’s hope the Heels’ band continues bringing the heat. With the way UNC has played recently, the band might be in for a long run in March as well.


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